Battle of Monmouth Integration Phase

The integration phase of a staff ride should be an interactive discussion between all members of the staff ride. Discussion topics should be suggested to inspire student interest and involvement in the discussion.


Location selected should provide a view commanding the majority of the battleground. This encourages discussion to focus on the terrain available. Some suggested locations for the integration phase are provided below:

  • Comb's Hill (site of the Battlefield Park Pavillion)
    This site provides a central view of the British and American positions on the battlefield during the final stages of the battle. It overlooks the area where most of the intense fighting took place.
  • County Route 522 (location of the Battlefield Park Headquarters)
    This road runs essentially through the center of the battlefield area and offers a central vantage point for the routes the troops traveled during the initial stages of the battle.

Suggested Discussion Topics

  • General Topics
  • Specific Topics
    • The use of Comb's Hill as a decisive American action.
    • The command and control used by Generals Lee and Washington
    • The effective use of artillery
    • The effects of reinforcement
    • The consequences of terrain analysis and reconnaisance
    • The effectiveness of Clinton's rear guard
    • The effects of tactical planning and initiative

Sample After Action Review Form - to be completed by students for instructor feedback

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