Concord North Bridge

This painting shows the Old North Bridge conflict in which Isaac Davis led the Acton Minutemen directly into the line of fire of the the British. Isaac was the first to die at the Old North Bridge when the British opened fire upon the advancing Minutemen. Most of The British volley missed, the balls shot directly over the Minutmens head, a sign of inexperienced soldiers. CPT Laurie called the British into street fighting formation, a technique for continuous firing for town or city battle. This call was ineffective due to the terrain that the British were inhabiting. It limited the amount of fire the British could fire at once. After the first British volley, the Minutemen returned fire, and the British were hit hard. This is considered the "Shot Heard Round The World" and Concordians consider it the first show of resistance to British tyranny. Despite LT Sutherland's attempts to rally his troops, the British turned tail and fled.

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