Battle of Saratoga Integration Study

The integration phase of a staff ride should be an interactive discussion between all members of the staff ride. Discussion topics should be suggested to inspire student interest and involvement in the discussion.

  • Location:
    Location selected should provide a view commanding the majority of the battleground. This encourages discussion to focus on the terrain available. Some suggested locations for the integration phase are provided below:
    • Great Redoubt
      This site provides a view of the British positions on the battlefield and would also be the final location of the staff ride if the sample walking tour is adopted.
    • Breymann's Redoubt
      Another good vantage point for the British positions.
    • Freeman's Farm
      This location provides a central position where much of the action of the battle took place.
  • Suggested Discussion Topics:
    • Application of 8 Troop Leading Procedures to Battle Analysis
    • Principles of War Intrinsic to Each Stage of the Battle
    • Military Terrain Considerations (OCOKA) During Defense and Assaults
    • Contrasts between the British and American Tactics Used
    • Role of the elite Morgan's Rifle Corps of the Americans
    • Benedict Arnold's Role in the Battle
    • John Burgoyne's Decisions in the Battle
    • Horatio Gates' Decisions in the Battle
  • Sample After Action Review Form - to be completed by students for instructor feedback

Battle of Saratoga Staff Ride

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