Two-Year Program

Flexibility and Opportunity

For students not able to complete the four-year program before graduation, the two-year program is available in two distinct options.

Prior Service. Students with previous military service are exempt from the first two years and, if academic juniors, may enroll immediately in the Advanced Course. They must then complete the Advanced Course as full-time students for two academic years to receive a commission.

No Prior Service. It is not too late for students who have not taken Army ROTC during their first two years of college. Students may attend the Army ROTC Leader’s Training Course at Fort Knox, KY, during the summer before their junior year of college. Upon completion of the month-long course, graduates receive credit for the first two years (Basic Course) of the Army ROTC program and can then enroll in the Advanced Course.

The Leader’s Training Course (LTC) allows students to:

  • Test-drive Army ROTC without any obligation. The decision to join Army ROTC is made only after LTC is completed and the student returns to school in the fall.
  • Earn money for LTC (and be compensated for all LTC-related food, travel, and lodging).
  • Compete for Army ROTC scholarships.