Meena Khayami ’15 Receives the PLA of the Year Award for 2014

When students in Calculus were told that Meena would be continuing as their Peer Learning Assistant in B-term, an audible cheer rose up in the classroom.

At the Student Recognition Awards ceremony on April 7, 2014, three undergraduates were recognized for their commitment and effectiveness as peer instructors.

Meena Lai-Mei Khayami, a Mechanical Engineering major in the Class of 2015, received the Peer Learning Assistant of the Year Award and $500 prize. Nominated by Professor Jon Abraham with support from numerous students, Meena is described as a phenomenal PLA in the Mathematical Sciences Department, exceeding the expectations of both students and instructors in calculus courses. Because of her exemplary teaching skills, her conference sections achieved nearly 100% attendance in the fall semester. She goes the extra mile to provide assistance and encouragement at all hours of the day and beyond her formal duties. One student wrote, “To be completely honest I would not have passed calculus and I would not be where I am today without her.” At the end of A-term, when students were told that Meena would be continuing as their PLA in B-term, an audible cheer rose up in the classroom, a tribute to her service to fellow students.  

The following undergraduates also received PLA Achievement Awards:

  • Aaron Benjamin, a tutor and MASH leader in the Academic Resources Center
  • Arman Uygur, a tutor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

The PLA of the Year Award and PLA Achievement Awards were given for the first time in 2013, to recognize the significant contribution of all types of undergraduate peer learning assistants and tutors to high quality undergraduate education at WPI. 

April 24, 2014

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