DVD Recording of Classes

Many instructors have found that viewing a recording of one or more class periods often yields valuable insights to guide their teaching development efforts. At WPI the Academic Technology Center (ATC) provides recording services, and the Director of the Morgan Center will help instructors analyze recordings if requested.

The following resource is highly recommended for anyone considering recording a class:
Watching Yourself on Videotape in Tools for Teaching by Barbara Gross Davis

Arranging for Recording of a Class

Contact Dave Taranto (dtaranto@wpi.edu, x6148), Manager of A/V Systems and Services in the Academic Technology Center. Advance notice of two weeks is required. Dave will discuss any costs (which will typically only be for the DVD) when that contact is made. He can arrange for a camera operator to record a class period, which has the advantage that the camera direction can go back and forth between instructor and students. If preferred, the camera can be set up before class, aimed at the instructor, and left unattended, but that may constrain instructor motion in the classroom as well as what can be learned from the recording.

What Happens to the Recording?

The DVD will be available in no later than two days. The recording (DVD) becomes the instructor's personal property. No copies will be made, and it is up to the instructor whether to invite anyone else to view it.

Analyzing a Recording

View the recording with some key questions in mind, or with a checklist. Some excellent examples are given in the Tools for Teaching resource cited above. Some studies have shown that more improvement results when an instructor co-analyzes the tape with a colleague, so consider asking a department colleague or Chrys Demetry, Director of the Center for Educational Development & Assessment, to view it with you. Try to conclude the videotaping experience by identifying two or three changes you plan to make or issues you plan to explore further (e.g., questioning techniques, use of multimedia).

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