On-line Resources for Getting Started

  • The New Faculty Member (R. Brent and R.M. Felder)

    This article presents a brief summary of a study by Robert Boice on the characteristics of "quick starters" among new faculty members.

  • Things I Wish They Had Told Me (R.M. Felder)

    While written by an accomplished chemical engineering educator and researcher, this article provides concrete suggestions that apply to new faculty in all disciplines. 

  • Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education (A.W. Chickering and Z.F. Gamson)

    This classic by Chickering and Gamson, while written in the 1980s, is really timeless. These guidelines are based on years of research and provide practical examples for improving teaching and learning.

  • Reaching the Second Tier: Learning and Teaching Styles in College Science Education (R.M. Felder)

    A challenge faced by all faculty is that all of our students do not learn as we do, and our teaching styles may not be well-matched with their learning styles. This article, which applies not just to science education, summarizes aspects of learning style in an accessible way. It goes on to provide feasible recommendations for adjusting and balancing teaching methods for students with multiple learning preferences.

  • It's a Start (R. Brent and R.M. Felder)

    Tips for those critical first few days of a course.

  • All In a Day's Work (R.M. Felder and R. Brent)

    All instructors usually face disruptive behavior to various degrees, but new faculty members can be particularly affected by it. This article outlines strategies for responding to disruptive behavior to keep it from spreading.

  • Promoting Civility in Large Classes (M.D. Sorcinelli)

    More specific tips for dealing with common problems like talking and inattention, arriving late and leaving early, and challenges to authority.

  • So You Want to Win a CAREER Award (R.M. Felder)

    Suggestions for NSF CAREER proposals based on an engineering educator's experience on a review panel.

  • Advice for New Faculty Members (R.M. Boice)

    This book is a collection of practical, evidence-based tips for balancing teaching, scholarly writing, and service (and a life!) In addition, it presents results of a study on classroom incivilities and ways in which new faculty members minimize their occurence. Research on the effects of mentoring is also presented. The Morgan Center has multiple copies of this reference in its library. Drop an email to morgan-center@wpi.edu to borrow a copy. The monograph Demystifying the Profession: Helping Junior Faculty Succeed is routinely provided to all new tenure-track faculty members. It draws heavily on Boice's findings but is a quicker read than his book. If you did not receive a copy, please contact us! 

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