Guide to Acronyms at WPI* (*We Prefer Initials)

CAO Committee on Academic Operations (undergraduate)
CAP Committee on Academic Policy (undergraduate)
CASL Committee on Advising and Student Life  (pronounced "castle")
CGSR Committee on Graduate Studies and Research
CHB Campus Hearing Board (student judicial system)
COAP Committee On Appointments & Promotions (pronounced "cope")
COG Committee On Governance ("committee on committees", runs elections)
CTAF Committee on Tenure & Academic Freedom (pronounced "see-taff")
FAP Committee on Administrative and Financial Policy
FBC Fringe Benefits Committee
FRC Faculty Review Committee
UOAC Undergraduate Outcomes Assessment Committee (typically pronounced "you-awk")

*For descriptions of each committee’s responsibilities, see the Faculty Handbook.

Majors, Departments, and Programs
AE Aerospace Engineering  (a program within the Mechanical Engineering)
BB Biology & Biotechnology  (sometimes also BBT)
BME BioMedical Engineering
CBC Chemistry & BioChemistry
CEE Civil and Environmental Engineering
CHE CHemical Engineering (sometimes still referred to as CM)
CS Computer Science
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering
EVE EnVironmental Engineering
FPE Fire Protection Engineering
HUA HUmanities & Arts
IE Industrial Engineering
IGSD Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division (administers the IQP and Global Perspective Program)
IMGD Interactive Media and Game Development
MA Mathematical Sciences
ME Mechanical Engineering
MFE Manufacturing Engineering (a graduate degree program within the Mechanical Engineering)
MTE Materials Science and Engineering (a graduate degree program within the Mechanical Engineering)
MG ManaGement (the department is now known as the School of Business)
MGE ManaGement Engineering
MIS Management Information Systems
PH PHysics
PW Professional Writing (indisciplinary program)
RBE RoBotics Engineering
SSPS Social Science and Policy Studies
Academic Program Terminology
CDR Completion of Degree Requirement form. Must be submitted for IQPs and MQPs.
IQP Interactive Qualifying Project (interdisciplinary project typically completed in junior year)
ISP Independent Study Project (typically a project-like academic activity conducted
one-on-one or with a small group of students)
MQP Major Qualifying Project (senior project)
NR No Record. WPI's grade that encompasses the traditional "D" and "F" grades.
Suff Short for Sufficiency, the former Humanities & Arts requirement for all students. The Sufficiency was replaced in 2006-07 with a new Humanities & Arts Requirement that culminates in an Inquiry Seminar or Practicum. Time will tell whether "Suff" lives on in the student lexicon.
Faculty or Campus-Wide Services
ATC Academic Technology Center
CCAC Center for Communication Across the Curriculum or "Writing Center" (In addition to peer tutoring services, provides  faculty development services)
CCC Computing and Communications Center
CDC Career Development Center (for students and alumni)
CEI Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (a resource for entrepreneurial speakers, innovation and entrepreneurship lending library, e-competition judges, and entrepreneurial curriculum development)
CPE Corporate and Professional Education
FFT Food For Thought (Morgan Center lunchtime seminar series)
OSP Office of Sponsored Programs
IRB Institutional Review Board (provides oversight of human subjects research.
Student-Related Groups, Locations, Events, and Services**
CA Community Advisors: Upperclass students who serve as peer mentors for a group of 20-30 first year students. Previously (and still sometimes referred to as) OLs (Orientation Leaders).
DAKA Pronounced "day-kuh." Former name of the campus dining service provider, which is now, properly, Chartwell's. Student lexicon continues to use DAKA, as in "Go to DAKA."
DSO Disability Services Office
EMSEP Excellence in Mathematics, Science and Engineering Program Designed to increase the access to educational opportunities for underrepresented students of African, Latino, and American Indian descent.
GSG Graduate Student Government or sometimes GSO (Graduate Student Organization)
IFC Intrafraternity Council
ISO International Student Organization
Insight Fall semester transitional and community-building program for all first-year students. Insight teams live on the same floor of a residence hall and are assigned a Community Advisor (CA), Resident Advisor (RA), and Faculty academic advisor (FA).
MASH MAth and Science Help ("mash" tutors), primarily used by first-year students in Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics
NSO New Student Orientation
OASIS Offering Acceptance, Support and Inclusion to Students A cultural center located at 20 Schussler Road, intended to give minority/marginalized students a place to build a community and to provide a centralized location for all students to learn about culture.
Panhel Panhellenic Council (sororities)
PLA Peer Learning Assistant (also referred to as "senior tutors" or "senior assistants" in some departments)
RA Resident Advisor in residence halls (using "dorm" is discouraged!) or Research Assistant (in reference to graduate students)
ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corps (typically pronounced "rot see")
SGA Student Government Association
SocComm Social Committee. Funds and organizes student events.
TA Teaching Assistant or Teaching Assistantship (referring to graduate students)

** There are dozens upon dozens of title="Student Groups">student groups that use acronyms.

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