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12th International Conference on Optimum Design of Structures and Materials in Engineering

The meeting was held on June 20- 22, 2012 in New Forest, UK

A Novel Design Approach for Structural Integrity and Material Optimization

Authors: Anastasios G. Gavras and Diana A. Lados

Abstract: Fatigue crack growth is a crucial consideration in designing structural materials and components subjected to dynamic loading. In this work, a novel design approach has been developed bridging the framework of fracture mechanics and damage tolerance to materials fundamentals. Extensive fatigue crack growth testing, fractography, amd modeling have been performed on various structural materials to create and validate the model. Focus was given to the influence of both microstructure and initial flaw size onfatigue crack growth. First, a new analytical model that predicts the response of microstructurally smal cracks in the near-threshold regime will be presented and discussed. Next, two-parameter maps that link loading conditions to the characteristic microstructural response at various growth stages have been constructed and utilized in materials optimization. Examples of integrating materals knowledge into structural design for fatigue crack growth performance will be given.

June 20, 2012

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