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GRAD 2013: The Innovation Exchange

Three Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Students received awards this year in the Engineering Section of the poster competition at GRAD 2013: Innovation.

Congratulations to our winners!

The event was held in Alden Memorial for the 123 PhD graduate students participating and the Campus Center Odeum for the 121 MS graduate students.  The judging started at 9:00 AM, continued until the afternoon and ended with the award ceremony at 4:00 PM.

We are very proud to announce that three of our Graduate Students received wards this year in the Engineering Section of the poster competition.

First Place: Anthony Spangenberger, III, “Engineering of Light Metals for Enhanced Dynamic Properties and Fatigue Performance”, Advisor:  Prof. Diana Lados.

Second Place: Meinan He (MS): “The Synthesis and Stabilization of Porous Silicon-Carbon Core-Shell Anode Material for Li- ion Batteries”, Advisor: Prof. Yan Wang.

Third Place: Yinjie Cen (PhD), “Synthesis and Characterization of Li2MSiO4 /C Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries”, Advisor:  Prof. Jianyu Liang.

For more information see The Daily Herd article.


GRAD 2013

March 22, 2013

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