About the Department

An Atmosphere of Support and Encouragement

In the Physics department at WPI we believe that the path to a successful career is easiest to navigate when you have a support system in place to help you at every crossroads. To that end, we deliberately foster a welcoming, accommodating environment in a many ways, including small class sizes that make it easy to get to know your fellow students; fully-engaged faculty who are always accessible and eager to help you succeed; and an Independent Study Program that lets you choose the subject matter you wish to study-so you may take control of your own education.

Strategically Sized for Individual Attention

With a 4:1 student-to-faculty ratio the Physics department is perfectly equipped to encourage close connections and collaborations between students and our internationally-recognized faculty members. Our classes are intentionally kept small to allow students more time for personal interaction with professors.

Conducting Groundbreaking Research in World-Class Facilities

Our world-renowned faculty members are actively working every day on discoveries in such fields as nuclear and particle physics, modern and classical optics, statistical and solid-state physics, electromagnetism, astro-physics, and much more. Faculty members inspire both undergraduate and graduate students to become engaged in research projects - which often leads to students making important contributions and writing articles for research journals before graduation.

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Career Outlook

A recent WPI study of average salary by concentration reveals that Physics graduates with BS degrees earn an average of $60,000 per year, while those with an MS or PhD degree earn an average of $67,749 annually. Learn more…

  • Student Profile

    Name: Göker Arpağ, PhD candidate '16
    Hometown: Tekirdağ, Turkey
    Degree: BS, Engineering Physics

    WPI is small enough that you’re not lost in a big group allowing the PIs to interact with you individually, but big enough that you have opportunities to improve through your future career.

  • profile picture

    Student Profile

    Name: Rebecca L. Gaddis, ‘12
    Hometown: Oxford, MA
    Degree: BS, Physics

    The unique focus on project-based work and the research opportunities were only two of the many reasons I choose to pursue my education at WPI.

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  • physics-watterman-profile

    Student Profile

    Name: Shane Waterman, ‘14
    Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
    Degree: BS, Physics

    One of the best parts about the WPI Physics department is that the professors are always open to having undergraduate students work with them in their laboratory settings.

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  • physics-mccarthy-profile

    Student Profile

    Name: Daniel McCarthy
    Hometown: Walpole, MA
    Degree: BS, Engineering Physics

    I have loved my time at WPI, and I believe that the Physics department has provided me with a strong knowledge base that will carry me through my future career.

  • physics-student-kashuri-profile

    Student Profile

    Name: Klaida Kashuri
    Hometown: Bilisht, Albania
    Degree: PhD, Physics

    I believe that WPI is an institution where individuals learn by being encouraged to speak their minds and transform theories into practice; this is how I want to learn.

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  • physics-pitman-profile

    Student Profile

    Name: Jocelyn Pitman, ‘13
    Hometown: Keene, NH
    Degree: BS, Physics

    WPI's greatest strengths are definitely the project programs. IQP and MQP are some of the hardest parts of a student's career at WPI, but the skills gained are invaluable.

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