Angelos Platanias, ‘12

Major: Robotics Engineering

Project Title: Improving the Physics Lab Multimedia Contents
This project is an attempt to enhance and improve the physics lab experience by integrating multimedia materials in the instruction pages of each lab. Data was collected from both students and faculty in order to understand which points needed improvement. In response, videos and animations were created that covered the observed deficiencies and improved the experimenting process.

Why I chose this project:
After taking various physics classes, I discovered that students went to labs unprepared and read the instructions there for the fist time, often spending valuable time on a task that should have been done beforehand. The main reason for this delay was that the instructions were too long to read; I soon proposed the idea of creating instructional videos that better integrate with the ways students of the current generation study.

What I learned from my IQP:
Quoting a student that was part of the project: “A visual example is very simple, but it makes a significant difference in our understanding of the lab instructions.”

How I have benefitted from my IQP as a person and a student:
This was the first year-long project that I was involved with; it gave me a lot of insight as far as organizational skills are concerned, as well as working effectively in a team.

What I accomplished:
We created a platform in order to provide help and insight to various students through the use of multimedia content in teaching.

Additional comments on the WPI project system in general:
These projects are amazing experiences, especially when combined with team collaboration; they help students prepare for the methods of solving problems that are used in the real world.

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