Danielle Beaulieu, '13

Hometown: Wilmington, MA
Degree: BS, Physics

Why did you choose to attend WPI?
I have always dreamed of going to a technical university to study sciences, and so when I heard about WPI, I was instantly drawn to the school. Soon after doing some research, I decided to visit the campus to meet current students and get a feel for the atmosphere. This turned out to be a fantastic decision. As I learned about WPI's project work, small campus, and amazing student resources, I began to realize that this was the school for me. I was practically overwhelmed in thinking about the opportunities presented by the labs and technology available to students. From the time of my visit on, I knew that WPI was perfect for me.

How has WPI’s philosophy of Theory and Practice, and working with teams, been beneficial to you during your time at WPI?
WPI has provided me with a unique opportunity to work with my peers and with faculty in project work. Every time I work on a project, I find that I learn new things about myself and about working as a part of a team. Faculty always make themselves available to help as well, and their advice has successfully guided me through many tasks during my time at WPI. Overall, I have had many wonderful experiences with project work, especially during my Interactive Qualifying Project, which took place in Boston.

What do you think are WPI’s greatest strengths?
One of the best things about WPI is its wealth of student resources. The Interactive Media and Game Development lab provides students with top-of-the-line equipment and software. Laptops are made available on loan through the Academic Technology Center.

My personal favorite place to visit on campus, however, is the manufacturing lab. There, I have access to professional machining equipment, including mills and lathes, that I can use at my leisure. I believe that being able to work outside of one's focus is a luxury, and I am proud to be a member of a community that also supports that belief.

How have the professors in your department impacted your studies and your life?
During my IQP, both of my advisers worked hard to ensure that we were prepared for every presentation and for every major review. Professors Ault and Hanlan took the time to personally meet with our IQP group weekly to discuss our project. They also visited our sponsor's office once a week for a meeting with us and our liaison. Both of these professors were extremely dedicated to our success, for which I am truly grateful.

What do you hope to do when you graduate? What would be your ideal job?
After getting my bachelor’s degree in physics, I hope to continue on to more advanced degrees. I will be applying to WPI's graduate program in physics, and I look forward to continuing my relationship with the school.

Groups or extracurricular activities you participate in at WPI:

  • Student supervisor at the WPI IT Helpdesk

Academic or professional awards you have received:

  • Dean's List
  • Nominated for WPI Student Employee of the Year
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