Major Qualifying Project

The Major Qualifying Project (MQP) is a high-level research project in the student's field. Through the MQP every WPI student has the chance to experience the kind of real-world problem solving that will soon characterize their professional careers. With an MQP on their resume, WPI students have a leg up on the competition when it comes to launching careers or gaining admission to the best graduate schools.

The MQP involves problems typical of those found in the student's professional discipline and addresses challenging research issues. These qualifying projects are far from trivial; each requires a substantial part of an academic year, culminating in a project report and poster on project presentation day.

Get to know some of our students and learn how their MQP experience has direct ties to their success.

Justin Robert Carmichael, '08
Project: DC Glow-Discharge Plasma Gun

Keeley Marin Stevens, '07
Project: Lateral Force Calibration for Probe Microscopy

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The Major Qualifying Project

Germano Iannacchione, head of the Physics department, explains how the MQP is the pinnacle project for WPI students and how it serves as the final preparation for students as they enter the real world.

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