Our Students

One of the best measures of an institute of higher learning is its students. Those who enroll in the Physics department at WPI come from a variety of backgrounds and geographic locations, but they are united in their quest to solve problems.

Our students enjoy being at the forefront of the ever-evolving field of physics. And they revel in their opportunities to contribute to technological advances that make a difference in people’s lives through classroom learning, work in the lab, and their project experiences.

Get to know some of our Physics students: where they come from, what drives them, why they chose to attend WPI, and how they add to the diverse landscape of WPI’s campus.

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Gawain Thomas
Fitzwilliam, NH
Physics, 2012 WPI

Shane Jackson
Los Angeles, CA
Physics, 2013 WPI

Shaun Marshall
Nashua, NH
Physics, 2013 WPI

Anirban Debnath
Agartala, Tripura, India
University of Hyderabad, India; 2013; Physics

Nicholas Borges
Worcester, MA
UMass/Lowell, 2013, Physics

Andrew Daudelin
S. Burlington, VT
Physics, 2014

Danielle Beaulieu
Wilmington, MA
Med. Physics, WPI, 2013

John Arnold
Scituate, MA
Physics, 2014

Maschael Alghamdi
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, 2008

Goker Arpag
BS, Physics Engineering

Saad Algarni
Saudi Arabia
PhD Candidate, Physics

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