Program Description

The graduate certificate in nuclear science and engineering will require the successful completion of 12 graduate credits with an overall GPA of 3.0. The courses will be selected from the list below.

All students must successfully complete 4 of the 5 courses listed below:

  • NSE510 Introduction to Nuclear Science & Engineering - 3 credits  
  • NSE520 Applied Nuclear Physics - 3 credits
  • NSE530 Health Physics - 3 credits
  • NSE540 Nuclear Materials - 3 credits
  • NSE550 Reactor Design and Operations - 3 credits

These courses will be offered on campus. In the future these courses may be available via ADLN and/or offered by CPE at a company's site.

Admissions Requirements:

Admission to the Nuclear Science and Engineering graduate certificate program is consistent with the admissions requirements listed in this catalog for graduate certificates. Appropriate undergraduate degree majors include all engineering and science majors.

Nuclear Science and Engineering Program Review Committee:

The Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Science and Engineering will be overseen by the program review committee. This committee will be comprised from representatives from engineering and the sciences. The committee will be comprised of three members who will serve on a rotating basis. The committee will include the Director of Materials Science & Engineering, the Head of Mechanical Engineering and the Head of Physics, (or their representatives) the position of committee chair will rotate among the members. The program review committee will review candidates for admission and approve the course electives as well as handle any extenuating circumstances or issues. 

Proposed Graduate Catalog Listing:

The Nuclear Sci. & Eng. Grad. Cert. Program will be listed in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs section of the graduate catalog with the following subsections (in underlined italics).

Nuclear Science & Engineering Faculty:

The faculty hold a full-time position in a WPI academic department or are adjunct faculty approved by an academic department and NSE program review committee.


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