Faculty Research Interests

Theoretical Physics

Name Areas of Research
Aravind, Padmanabhan K.  Quantum mechanics and quantum information theory
Dick, Frank A.  Modeling fundamental particles as curved space-times; Inelastic atom-photon interactions
Phillies, George D.   Theoretical statistical mechanics, dynamics of polymer solutions, molecular dynamics, the glass problem, diffusion, rheology, colloid solution dynamics, design of strategic board games.  
Popovic, Marco  High Energy Particle Physics. Applied General Physics; Biomechanics, Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, AI and Robotics; New Generation Internet and Socio-Business Media. Learn more on Popovic Labs
Ram-Mohan, L. R.   Quantum field theory, solid state physics, differential geometry and finite-element modeling of spintronic and optoelectronic quantum systems; diffusion in multicomponent metallic alloys  
Tüzel, Erkan   Theory: Soft condensed matter physics/complex fluids, capillary wave theory, biophysics, biopolymers and molecular motors, cell mechanics  
Zozulya, Alex A.   Atomic and molecular physics, cold atom optics, nonlinear optics  

Experimental Physics

Name Areas of Research
Burnham, Nancy A.  Mechanical properties of nanostructures, instrumentation and metrology for nanomechanics
Iannacchione, Germano S.  Soft condensed matter physics/complex fluids, biophysics, liquid-crystals, calorimetry, order-disorder and self-assembly phenomena
Kashuri, Hektor   Noninvasive study of electrical properties of human muscles  
Medich, Dave  Medical & health physics, radiation dosimetry, radiation transport simulations, neutron anatomical & functional imaging, intensity modulated brachytherapy, gamma spectroscopy, and dosimeter tissue equivalence.
Quimby, Richard S.   Optical properties of solids, laser spectroscopy, fiber optics  
Stroe, Izabela   Hydration effects on protein dynamics, thermodynamics of proteins and DNA, dielectric relaxation spectroscopy, relaxation calorimetry, resonant ultrasound spectroscopy  
Wen, Qi Biophysics, Biopolymers, Mechanics of cells, Mechanobiology, Microscopy, Rheology 
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