Physics Major

Physics is the science that delves into the laws of nature and the relationship between energy and matter. More importantly, studying physics introduces students to a new way of thinking. The Physics Major program at WPI enables students to take a logical, problem-solving approach to any situation by exploring concepts and methods of science that can be applied in many different areas.

Students who choose a major in physics will cover such intriguing subjects as lasers, superconductors, black holes, quantum mechanics, big bang theory, relativity, and many more topics. In short, physicists are explorers trying to understand the world around them.

Physics is sometimes referred to as the "liberal arts" degree of technology because physics majors can go on to careers in computer science, engineering, research and development, biology and numerous additional fields. A major in physics is a great way for students to keep their future career options open.

Meet our Students

After receiving her BS, physics major Rebecca Gaddis plans to continue at WPI to earn her PhD. She chose to stay at WPI so she may, as she says, “get exactly the experience I want instead of having to fit into a preset program".