Create Your Own Advantage

Unlike similar programs at other universities, WPI’s Pre-Health Program is open to all students considering applying to medical, veterinary, or dental school. No application to the program is required, and no students are turned away. The program provides an advantage when competing for admission to the best professional schools.

Benefits of a WPI education include the following:

Real-World Experience

Professional schools seek applicants with solid academic records. But they also look for individuals who bring something interesting and unique to their education and future professions. Your project work will give you knowledge, perspective, and achievements that are yours alone. And when you go into that medical school interview, you’ll have a solid, substantial accomplishment to talk about.

The portfolio of experiences that you build here will be yours alone, leading you where you want to go.

Biomedical Engineering

Well-Rounded Education

At WPI, we deliver a well-rounded education with significant emphasis on the humanities and arts, and we place great importance on exploring the impact of science and technology on society. We believe that students who have interests besides science and math, such as music, drama or art, make particularly well-balanced medical professionals.

Professional Connections

WPI’s location is ideal for aspiring medical professionals. The concentration of medical companies and institutions in and around Worcester affords students a wealth of opportunities for academic projects, co-ops, internships, volunteer and community service opportunities, and other means to get practical, clinical experience and exposure to health professions. These experiences, along with letters of recommendation students may receive from physicians, veterinarians, dentists, and other health professionals, are invaluable additions to a professional school application.