Energy Task Force


To develop a strategy for WPI to position itself and to play a significant role and in the field of Energy. Considerations to include:

  • Develop an Inventory/Overview of academic activities in other institutions related to energy and develop a vision for the future applications/issues of energy.
  • Identification of major issues in energy; and related subjects in sustainability
  • Identification of “relevance” and “impact” factors where WPI can make major contributions
  • Formation of an Institute for Energy Systems based on WPI Faculty, at least initially.
    • Develop themes and teams to respond major funding opportunities
    • Serve as think-tank in the field of Energy to develop white papers and reports.
    • To bring together the business and policy components together
    • Organize intellectual/cultural activities (seminars, panels, etc.)
  • Exploration of collaboration opportunities and collaborative initiatives with other institutions in the region and abroad focusing on energy related activities.
  • Development and educational approach to prepare our students
    • Develop an undergraduate “minor”
    • Development of an undergraduate “degree” program(?)
    • Corporate education, including government
    • Outreach programs, community impact including K-12.

Committee Membership:

  • Selcuk Guceri, Chair
  • Robert Krueger (A&S – Policy)
  • Sharon Johnson (Business)
  • Rick Sisson (ME)
  • David Cyganski (ECE)
  • David DiBiasio (Chem Eng)
  • Germano S. Iannacchione (Physics)
  • Art Heinricher
  • Diran Apelian (ME)
  • Isa Bar-On (ME)
  • John Orr (ECE)
  • Pamela Weathers (Biology & Biotechnology)


Ex-Officio Members:

  • Mark Rice, Dean, Business
  • Karen Oates, Dean, Arts & Sciences
  • Michael Manning, Research
  • Stephen Flavin, Corporate Relations

Trustees and Corporate:

  • Curt Carlson (SRI) Trustee
  • Mike Dolan (EXXON-Mobile) Trustee
  • Steve Hallstead, Trustee
  • Joel Schwartz, SVP - EMC
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Provost's Energy Task Force Report