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Board of Trustees November 6, 2014 Meeting

Academic Planning Commitee: Foisie Innovation Studio Presentation                                                                  

Eric Overström, Provost and Senior Vice President

Space Utilization on Campus

The Provost’s Office keeps track of classroom and laboratory utilization on campus.  One goal is to be sure that we are using the space we have as efficiently as possible.  A second goal is to help us determine what kind of space we really need to meet the demands of undergraduate and graduate courses.   

The following spreadsheets show all of the regular classrooms on the main campus and report the percent occupancy of the room during each hour from 8:00am on Monday through 5:00pm on Friday for A term 2011 and A term 2013. The first uses a range of color from green for empty to red for 100% occupancy while the second uses only red to indicate that the room is reserved at that hour on that day.   

Note that these reports include only credit-bearing activity and do not include information about how the rooms are used for special events outside the regular course schedule.