Career Options

WPI graduates whose technical specialties are augmented with Professional Writing (PWR) as a second major can have a distinct edge in career opportunities and advancement. They are well positioned to become effective proposal writers, learn how to communicate with management, and become adept at making complicated subjects understandable.

The Professional Writing interdisciplinary major:

  • Prepares graduates for better positions and higher salaries within companies
  • Extends the longevity and applicability of a technical degree in a corporate environment
  • Provides a solid background for success in law school, medical school, and other graduate programs
  • Lends workplace versatility to traditional or nontraditional roles, such as combining with Computer Science for a technical writing profession

PWR courses integrated with WPI’s recognized mathematic and scientific majors provide the background skills likely to be in growing global demand to aid public, political, and commercial comprehension of the subject fields—in all languages and cultures.