Victoria Mason, BS

Hometown: Holliston, MA

Degree earned at WPI: BS, Biology & Biotechnology and Professional Writing

Why did you choose to attend WPI?
I was attracted to WPI because of the philosophy the school was founded upon, which actively translated into our studies. Besides learning a theory in a classroom, we also had the ability to practice in lab or through our projects. Of course books and lectures are important for the learning process, but having the opportunity to test the ideas and curriculum made the material more relevant.

How did your studies and experiences at WPI prepare you for studies or a career after graduation?
I struggled with writing composition in high school and was determined to improve in that area during my undergraduate studies at WPI by fulfilling my Humanities and Arts requirement in writing. As my skills improved, my confidence grew with each course, and progressively my interest changed from pursuing a minor to eventually majoring in Professional Writing (PW). I found writing as a creative outlet that allowed me to express myself, and provided the opportunity to combine my love of the medical profession with this newly developed skill.

For my PW senior thesis, I analyzed cross-cultural factors in a public health program that was implemented to control a parasitic disease in one of eastern Ghana’s rural villages. The report was a narrative of my experiences there as I worked on my senior Major Qualifying Project (MQP), which I later used to propose a culturally sensitive model for communicating health in communities. As I reflect on what I have accomplished, I have learned not to be intimidated by challenges, but to maintain a willing and resolute attitude to persevere. I have also found that even weaknesses provide opportunities to build character and motivate me to strive for excellence. When I move forward with my studies I am certain that I will apply myself in the same manner as I have in the past to any difficulty I may encounter in my academic or medical pursuits.

Present job title and employer:
I am the Claims Coordinator at Enservio (full time) and a Personal Care Attendant for MA Cerebral Palsy Association (part time).

How do you feel your experiences at WPI prepared you for working in your field?
My experiences abroad have cultivated a passion to serve ethnically diverse communities. I also desire to share my skills and positively impact disadvantaged populations. This summer (July 17th-August 19th), I will be traveling to Ecuador and working at a rural clinic in El Corazon about six hours from Quito. I will be joining a friend who is a native of the country and a second year medical student in conjunction with a team of ten doctors and a few nurses. A majority of the patients are women and children, and I am eager to shadow in the pediatric department. Moreover, I am interested in gaining hands-on clinical exposure in a specialty which I aspire to work in after graduation. I am also very excited to start building the skills I will need as PA such as interacting with patients, delivering care with a clinical team, and recording vitals. I will be going to Ecuador as a volunteer this summer, but I look forward to attending a program where I will be provided the training and education I need to achieve my goal of becoming a physician assistant, and transforming my dreams of serving people into a career.

Groups or extracurricular activities you participate in at WPI:

  • Christian Bible Fellowship (’07-’11)
  • Resident Advisor (’08-’11)
  • Crimson Key Tour Guide (’08-’11)
  • Mu Sigma Delta: Pre-Med Society (’07-’11)
  • Student Health Advisory Council (’08-’11)

Academic or professional awards you have received:

  • MQP Provost Award for Professional Writing
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