Development of the MEMS Tactile Sensor for Haptic Interface in our Life

Haruo Noma
Senior Researcher 
Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute, Kyoto, Japan

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Abstract: We have fine mechanical sensing units in our skin. We can sense the material properties of objects by touching, and we can put a key into a lock without watching carefully. Without tactile sensation, it is very difficult to handle an object dexterously. Most robots developed until now do not have human-like tactile sensing on their hands or bodies. What is human-like tactile sensation? I think our tactile sensing consists of fine and micro mechanical sensing units and neural information processing. In this presentation, I will introduce our MEMS macro tactile sensor, and some applications using the sensor in our research development. We aim to place the sensor into many locations in our daily life in the future.  

Haruo Noma was a Senior Researcher at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR) in Kyoto, Japan for the past 19 years. He recently accepted a position as Professor of Computer Science at Ritsumekan University in Shiga, Japan. His research is focused on virtual reality, especially haptic (touch) feedback, robotics, tactile sensing, wearable sensors, sensor networks, and applications using these technologies. He is a member of IEEE and Senior Member of ACM.

February 26, 2013

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