Automated Refueling for Hovering Robots

MQP Team:

  • Nigel Cochran
  • Janine Pizzimenti
  • Raymond Short  


  • Kenneth Stafford
  • William Michalson

Small-scale, battery-powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) suffer from short mission times before they must land for manual refueling, making the UAVs not truly autonomous for extended periods of time. This solution aims to be an innovative approach to a more refined iteration of previously proposed refueling solutions, while adding the novel functionality of being universal for many UAVs that are battery powered and can perform vertical takeoff and landing. The proposed design is a base station that positions the landed UAV to a known orientation, then exchanges and charges the UAV’s battery. This solution allows for persistent flight of the UAV by maximizing its in-air duty cycle. Learn more...


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