Modular Designs for Semi-Autonomous Wheelchair Navigation

MQP Team:

  • Ross Desmond
  • Matthew Dickerman
  • James Fleming  


  • Taskin Padir
  • Sonia Chernova
  • Jerome Schaufeld
  • Dmitry Sinyukov  

This project involves the design and development of a prototyping platform and open design framework for a semi-autonomous wheelchair to realize a human-in-the-loop cyber physical system (HiLCPS) as an assistive technology. The system is designed to assist physically locked-in individuals in navigating indoor environments through the use of modular sensor, communication, and control designs. This enables the user to share control with the wheelchair and allows the system to operate semi-autonomously with human-in-the-loop. The Wheelchair Add-on Modules (WAMs) developed for use in this project are platform-independent. These modules facilitate development and application of semi-autonomous functionalities. By using the WAMs, a team of three can convert similar powered wheelchairs into a semi-autonomous mobility platform in less than ninety minutes. Learn more...

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