Rehabilitative Robotic Glove

MQP Team:

  • Michael Delph
  • Sarah Fische
  • Philip Gauthier
  • Carlos Martinez Luna  


  • Edward Clancy
  • Gregory Fischer  

Stroke affects thousands of people annually, and a large percentage of people are left with weakened hands. Repetitive hand movement is used as a rehabilitation technique in order to regain hand movement and strength. In order to facilitate this rehabilitation, a robotic glove was designed to aid in the movement and coordination of gripping exercises. This glove utilizes a cable system to open and close a patient’s hand. The cables are actuated by servos, mounted in a backpack. The glove can be controlled in terms of finger position and grip force through switch, program, or EMG inputs. This project developed a working prototype of the rehabilitative robotic glove which is capable of actuating finger movement.

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