Student Organizations

Rho Beta Epsilon: Robotics Honors Fraternity

Rho Beta Epsilon was formed to honor Robotics Engineering students who display academic excellence, entrepreneurial skill, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of their knowledge. Founded in 2008 by seven undergraduate Robotics Engineering students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Rho Beta Epsilon is the first honors fraternity created for the cutting-edge field of robotics. The mission of Rho Beta Epsilon is to create an open forum for the preeminent students of the major to discuss both engineering issues and entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as to provide a link to industry.

If you are a current student visit our TechSync page for more details about the organization and a full list of upcoming events

For more information, email Rho Beta Epsilon at

WIRE: Women in Robotics Engineering


Women in Robotics Engineering (WIRE) was founded in 2011 to promote women in the field of robotics. We look to inspire interest in the robotics major to all women either at WPI as well as any younger generations. WIRE's main priority this year is to secure the foundation of this organization so that it can become a resource for women looking for job inspiration or contacts to RBE graduates in the workforce. See more...

For more information, email WIRE at

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