Student Projects

college robotics project

Projects Offer a Head Start on Tackling Tomorrow’s Challenges

At WPI, we believe the best way to learn is by doing. That’s why project activity is an integral part of the Robotics Engineering educational experience. This proven approach offers an excellent opportunity for graduates to pursue their careers with solid, hands-on experience—which can make them more attractive to employers.

Student projects recently completed by students and their advisers in Robotics Engineering include:

  • Search and Rescue Robot. Designed and built robot prototype of a first response unit for fire emergencies. Learn more…
  • Social Impact of Household Robotics. Investigated the social implications and future of artificially intelligent household robots. Learn more…
  • Robot for Interacting with Autistic Children. Interacting with simple humanoid robots has been shown to improve the communication skills of autistic children. Learn more… 


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Ongoing Projects

Development of a K-8 Robotics Curriculum (IQP)
Eric Kurz, Andrew Opeara, Andrew Smith
Advisors: Brad Miller, Colleen Shaver

Goal is to create a multi-unit robotics curriculum for middle school students that can be presented by teachers with no knowledge of robotics. Students build a simple robot base and make it move.  

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The Impact of Robots on Select Military Operations (IQP)
Daniel Duffty & Audra Sosny
Advisor: D.C. Brown

Focus is on the current and predicted impact of robots on surveillance, reconnaissance, automated defense, and bomb disposal operations. Learn more about this project...

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Completed Projects