Starting with the class of 2017, the Robotics Engineering Distribution Requirements electives are:

At least 1 unit from of Engineering Science and Design Electives, of which at least 2/3 unit must be at the 4000-level or higher.      

Q: What does this mean?  
A: You can take almost any Engineering and Computer Science courses, including graduate courses and IS/P work.  See details in  the Undergradute Catalog under "Courses Qualifying for Engineering Distribution."

Q: I am graduating before 2017. May I use these Distribution Requirements?  
A: Yes.    

Q: Don't graduate courses count for more credit than undergraduate courses?  
A: Most graduate courses are 1/2 unit of credit, although some are 1/3 credit. You may take two 1/2 credit graduate courses to meet this requirement.    

Q: Why the change?  
A: Several reasons:      
    1) To make sure that RBE majors get adequate depth at the 4000 or graduate levels,      
    2) To allow RBE majors more flexibility in planning their courses of studies, and      
    3) To allow RBE majors to concentrate on applying robotics to any area of engineering or computing.     

Q: Must I have a concentration?  
A: No.  You may keep your robotics education as broad as you want. But if you want to work on robotics in Aero, Biomedicine, Construction, ..., now you can!  

Past RBE Electives links to obsolete elective lists for RBE majors.  If you matriculated during the years listed, you may choose to use that set of electives towards your degree requirements.  Please consult your advisor.

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