The requirements for the MS in Robotics Engineering are structured so that undergraduate students may pursue a five-year Bachelors/Masters program, in which the Bachelors degree is awarded in any major offered at WPI and the Masters degree is awarded in Robotics Engineering.

WPI allows the double counting of up to 12 credits for students pursuing a 5-year Bachelors-Masters program. This overlap can be achieved through the following mechanisms:

  • Up to three graduate courses in RBE, CS, ECE, or ME taken by the student may be counted towards meeting the engineering/science/elective requirements of the student’s undergraduate major, subject to approval by his/her major department.
  • Up to two 4000-level undergraduate courses taken by the student in his/her undergraduate major program may be counted towards the requirements of the Masters Degree in Robotics Engineering if they can be placed in one of the requirement categories listed above and are approved by the Robotics Engineering Graduate Program Committee.
  • Up to three credits can be earned towards fulfillment of the capstone design requirement by double counting a senior undergraduate project if it involves substantial use of Robotics Engineering at an advanced level, subject to approval by the Robotics Engineering Graduate Program Committee. In this case, students may satisfy the capstone design requirement by completing 3 credits of capstone design project RBE 598 or practicum RBE 596, not necessarily related to the senior undergraduate project.
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