Research Focus Areas

The Next Major Breakthrough May be Just Around the Corner

With ongoing research being conducted on a variety of social, economic, educational, and environmental topics, it’s no surprise that the research focus areas of SSPS are similarly varied and diverse. Students and faculty members employ the latest tools and techniques of social and computational science in hope of discovering the next major advance.

Learn more about these efforts and the world-class faculty members involved with each subject.


(Professor Janice Gobert)

  • Science learning with interactive simulations (Gobert)
  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems (Gobert)
  • Learning and Assessment (Gobert)


(Professors James Doyle, Melissa John, Oleg Pavlov, Michael Radzicki, Khalid Saeed, Jeanine Skorinko, and Alex Smith)

  • Mental Models (Doyle)
  • Judgment and Decision Making (Doyle)
  • Survey Methodology (Doyle)
  • Cultural, Racial, and National Identity (John)
  • Stereotyping & Discrimination (John)
  • Intergroup Relations (John)
  • Information Economics (Pavlov)
  • Microeconomics (Pavlov)
  • System Dynamics (Pavlov)
  • Macroeconomic Dynamics (Radzicki)
  • Agent-Based Modeling (Radzicki)
  • Trading Systems (Radzicki)
  • Sustainable Development (Saeed)
  • Energy Systems (Saeed)
  • System Dynamics (Saeed)
  • Perspective Taking (Skorinko)
  • Social Tuning (Skorinko)
  • Stereotyping and Discrimination (Skorinko)
  • Public Economics & Charitable Giving (Smith)
  • Experimental Economics (Smith)
  • Behavioral Economics (Smith)


(Professors Robert Krueger and Laureen Elgert)

  • Urban Sustainability (Krueger)
  • Critical Sustainability Studies (Krueger)
  • Environmental Planning and Policy (Krueger)
  • Sustainable Development (Elgert)
  • International Environmental Politics and Governance (Elgert)
  • Environmental Policy (Elgert)
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