Participants Pool and SONA

The Social Sciences Participant Pool:

At WPI, by having students actively participate in ongoing research, we have an active participant pool. Our participant pool provides an opportunity to show social science methodology in action, instill excitement about the discipline, provide an occasion to imagine life as a social science major or professional, and teach something about current research and the practice of social science. In addition, it provides researchers at WPI an opportunity to post studies and collect data fairly quickly and efficiently.

All studies submitted through the participant pool are reviewed by the Internal Review Board (IRB), and also clearly define how it is related to social science to ensure the studies meet the educational goals for the participants.

Sona Systems software is used to manage the Participant Pool and the research requirement. This system can be accessed online. If you are an instructor and would like to incorporate the Research Assignment in your class, visit Instructor Resources.

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Research Assistant Positions Available

If you are interested in becoming active in the research going on in the department, please contact Professor Skorinko. You may volunteer or do an ISP, IQP, or MQP