Student & Alumni Profiles

Julia LaValley

Major in Psychological Science and Biomedical Engineering
I originally came into WPI as a Biomedical Engineering major but after looking at the different options for courses and exploring the Social Science Department I decided to cultivate my interest in Psychology that had begun in high school. The courses I have taken here deepened this interest and motivated me to work in the Psychology lab running experiments. The Psychology department at WPI is small but it is constantly growing and has some of the most dedicated professors and students I have ever seen. The classes cover a wide range of topics and if there is something that isn't covered, or something I want to learn more about, the professors are always willing to help me develop those interests. My experiences as a Psychology major and research assistant have been exceptionally beneficial and exceeded all expectations!

Loan Chau

Major in Psychological Science

Coming into WPI I initially studied biology and biotechnology pre-medical for the first two years of my college career. After taking cognitive psychology, I became very intrigued and wanted to learn more about psychology. After much consideration I decided that I could study psychology and still pursue a career in healthcare in the future. Little did I know that being in a small psychology program at WPI would open big doors for me. Volunteering in the psychology lab further sparked my interest in the field, and I believe that conducting studies and collecting real-life data from participants are a crucial component for a better understanding of the world we live in.

Craig DiGiovanni

Minor in Psychological Science

WPI stood out to me the moment I visited the campus—it had the feel of a close-knit community. After exploring my interest in psychology while a chemical engineering major, I refined my pursuit to counseling psychology and decided to minor in Psychological Science. The faculty really helped point me in the right direction, and aided me in achieving my early career goals. Being a small-sized program had its advantages and made it easy to form close ties with faculty who provided me with an enormous amount of research experience as an undergraduate. The research was an essential piece of my career path. The department allowed me to run experiments and analyses, along with conceptualizing new studies based on these results. This allowed me to see the process from start to finish. Faculty in graduate school looked favorably upon all this undergraduate research experience. I continue to collaborate with my WPI professors and hope to continue this into the future.

Agatha Gornisiewicz

Major in Biomedical Engineering
Minor in Biology and Biotechnology

I’ve always been interested in the personality aspect of psychology and wanted to explore a better understanding of people. Understanding behavior leads to more effective communication, which is the key to being a successful engineer. I believe any exposure to Psychological Science helps prepare students for future endeavors by providing them with a better understanding of human nature.

Satia Miller

Major in Psychological Science

I originally chose WPI to pursue my interests in engineering and psychology, but soon found my passion for psychology really blossomed. Each psychology class I took explained theories and real-world applications, which helped me make better sense of my coursework, my peers, and even my own behavior! On one of my graduate school interviews, one of the interviewers looked at my resume and remarked that I already had the research experience of a second or third year graduate student. It was such an advantage – I was already familiar with the process of conducting a literature review, developing a research question, establishing a study design, and working with an Institutional Review Board – that adjusting to graduate school was a breeze. The small size of the program at WPI provides personalized attention, as many research experiences as you care to have, and opportunities to go to regional and national conference, and a tight-knit community of faculty, staff, and peers that genuinely want you to succeed. You’re not just joining a program, but a family and also a collaborative professional network that will continue to guide and assist you long after you’ve graduated.

Gregory Moore

Major in Psychological Sciences
Minors in Computer Science & Interactive Media and
Game Development

I initially came to WPI to study Computer Science and Interactive Media & Game Development. However, after taking Cognitive Psychology, I decided that I was actually interested in psychology and learning sciences. I was still interested in studying games, but my focus shifted to researching how educational games impact learning. Psychological Science is a great major at WPI because you get a lot of personalized attention. The faculty in the program are great and get students involved in research. The program is also great for people who want to study psychology from an interdisciplinary perspective, such as human-computer interaction. Since my sophomore year, I have been a research assistant in the Educational Psychology Lab. I have co-authored a few papers and done data analysis on a number of research projects. This experience has been invaluable during the process of applying for graduate school. It has given me projects I can point to on my resume and has allowed to meet and network with other people working in the field. I am also well-prepared to conduct graduate level research.

Melissa Paris

Major in Psychological Science

I transferred to WPI because I saw an opportunity to work closely with professors on psychological research—an opportunity that just wasn’t available at other schools with larger programs. Taking classes in Organizational Behavior and Change as well as business shaped my desire to pursue a career in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. As I apply to graduate programs, I find myself grateful for not only the knowledge I’ve gained in the classroom, but the endless research opportunities outside of class. My current research has given me the opportunity to present at psychological conferences across the U.S. I definitely believe the Psychological Science program has given me all the tools I need to succeed in graduate school, as well as my future career.

Kyla Wesley

Major in Psychological Science

The Psychological Science program at WPI challenges you to learn more – to go deeper into your studies. The program is small and provides you with an opportunity to get one on one attention from faculty that you wont find at other schools. The faculty truly are wonderful – and they make sure you soak up every bit of information you need in order to be successful in the future.

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