Research Opportunities

Research opportunities at WPI

Psychological Science is unique among the sciences in its ability to engage students in active, cutting-edge research. Physics, chemistry, and biology do have laboratory components to their work, but it is rare that students in those courses experience novel research as it happens. WPI students can participate in this cutting-edge research in two ways: as participants and as researchers.

As Participants:

When taking a class in Psychological Sciences, students will participate in a research participation assignment. This assignment is designed to enhance the education of students in courses that focus on social science methodology and human-subjects research by providing them with hands-on experience. It also serves to enable researchers using human subjects to collect data more efficiently. Participants will sign up for research studies using Sona Systems, an online experiment scheduling program.

If you are a student and need more information on SONA Systems and the Participant Pool, visit Participant Resources.

As Researchers:

Students who are interested in being part of the design and running of psychological science studies at WPI are encouraged to contact the faculty members whose research interests them to get involved. Students work as research assistants in the labs helping out with current studies. Students can also get involved in research through Independent Studies (ISPs), Capstones (for Minors), Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs), and Major Qualifying Projects (MQPs). For more information, please contact Jeanine Skorinko, the Director of the Psychological Science program.

If you are a researcher and would like to use the Participant Pool, visit Researcher Resources.