Working Papers

Do Goals Matter in Engineering Education? An Exploration of How Goals Influence Outcomes for FIRST Robotics Participants
Authors: Jeanine L. Skorinko, James K. Doyle, Gretar Tryggvason

The Design of Educational Programs in System Dynamics at WPI
Authors: Oleg V. Pavlov, James K. Doyle, Khalid Saeed, James M. Lyneis, Michael J. Radzicki

A Resource-Based Assessment of the Gnutella File-Sharing Network
Authors: Oleg Pavlov, Khalid Saeed

Why virtual Job Recruiting Is Not Well Accepted by Generation Y?—A Case Study on Second Life
Authors: Eleanor Loiacono, Soussan Djamasbi, Bengisu Tulu, Oleg V. Pavlov

Mitigating the Tragedy Of the Digital Commons: The Problem of Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail
Authors: Oleg V. Pavlov, Nigel Melville, Robert K. Plice

In Defense of System Dynamics: A Reply to Professor Hayden.
Authors: Michael J. Radzicki, Linwood Tauheed

Online Viewing and Aesthetic Preferences of Generation Y and Baby Boomers: Testing User Website Experience through Eye Tracking
Authors: Soussan Djamasbi, Marisa Siegel, Jeanine Skorinko, Tom Tullis

On the Dynamics of Contributions and Beliefs in Repeated Public Good Games
Authors: Alexander Smith

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