AweSTEM! 2013 focused on looking at best practices and exemplary activities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as well as looking at ways to effectively integrate STEM subjects with each other as well as across grade levels. Participants additionally heard from the range of opportunities for them at WPI. 

Below are the activities presented by the K-12 educators along with their contact information. For information on the opportunities presented by WPI, please check your booklet for each website.

Opportunities at WPI

Explore opportunities for educators at WPI in our STEM Education Center booklet.

Integrated STEM

Early Phase: Quaboag Regional School District

Presenter: Madeline Wheeler, Quaboag Regional School District
Email: mwheeler@quaboagrsd.org
Shared Information

Established: Doherty Memorial High School - Engineering & Technology Academy

Presenter: John Staley, Worcester Public Schools
Email: staleyj@worc.k12.ma.us
Learning Fair Project
Learning Fair Science Assignment
Learning Fair Timeline History Assignment

Elementary School 


Presenter: Lynn Fiandaca, Leominster Public Schools
Email: lynn.fiandaca@leominster.mec.edu

Activity: Tree Farm

Tree Farm Unit
Making Brochures
Creating and Maintaining a Holiday Tree Farm
Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir Slides
Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir Research
Balsam and Fraser Fir Research Response Sheet


Presenter: Devon Rehm on behalf of Martha Cyr, WPI
Email: mcyr@wpi.edu

Activity 1: Make an Alarm!

Make an Alarm! Directions

Activity 2: Sneaking Up on Sneakers

Sneaking Up on Sneakers Directions


Presenter: Colleen Mucha, Quaboag Regional School District
Email: cmucha@quaboagrsd.org

Activity: Reciprocal Math

Reciprocal Math 1
Reciprocal Math 2
Reciprocal Math 3
Reciprocal Math Desk Cards
Problem Solving Method
Hamster Problem

Middle School


Presenter: Kelly Graveson, Douglas Public Schools
Email: kgraveson@douglas.k12.ma.us

Activity: Space Week

Prezi of Space Week
Overview of Space Week Part 1
Overview of Space Week Part 2
Promising Practices Description
Other Resource: NASA for Educators


Presenter: Dave Hagberg, Westborough Public Schools
Email: hagbergd@westborough.k12.ma.us

Activity: Technical Writing and Geometry

Technical Writing/Geometry Project
Geometric Shapes and How to Define Them for Technical Writing
Student Assessment of Technical Writing Project
Technical Writing Materials List
Technical Writing Guidelines


Presenter: Christine Robbins, Auburn Public Schools
Email: crobbins@auburn.k12.ma.us

Activity 1: Siege Machine

Siege Machine Lesson Plan
Siege Machines Writing Activity

Activity 2: Marble Track

Marble Track Lesson Plan 

High School


Presenter: Brian Dempsey, Acton-Boxborough Regional School District  
Email: bdempsey@abschools.org

Activity: Protein Project

Protein Project
Project Opener
Protein Project Slides
Examples of Proteins
Grading Score Sheet


Presenter: Jackie Bonneau, Mass Academy
Email: bonneau@wpi.edu

Activity 1: Candy Atoms

Candy Atoms Directions

Activity 2: Patterns - More is Better

Periodic Table

Other Activities

Don't Be Dense About Density
Goggles Song
Sweet 16 Chemistry Compound Tournament
Periodic Table Writing
pH Home Test
What Element is This?


Presenter: Ryan Dailey, Hudson Public Schools
Email: rdailey@hudson.k12.ma.us

Activity: Mobile Workbench Project

Mobile Workbench Project Directions


Presenter: Nancy Lowery, Shrewsbury Public Schools
Email: nlowery@shrewsbury.k12.ma.us

Activity 1: U-Substitution Integral Puzzles

U-Substitution Integral Puzzles Directions

Activity 2: Size Transformation Investigation

Size Transformation Investigation Directions

Activity 3: Triangle/Quadrilateral Identification Activity

Triangle/Quadrilateral Identification Directions


Presenter: Nick Nicastro, Wachusett Regional School District
Email: nick_nicastro@wrsd.net

Activity 1: Copenhagen

Copenhagen Directions

Activity 2: How to Build a Lou-Vee Aircar

Aircar Directions
Aircar Rules
Aircar Eval
Aircar Rubric

Activity 3: Universal Gravitation

Universal Gravitation
Gravitational Field Worksheet
Planetary Ellipses Exercise
Planets Lab
Planets Lab Chart
TMP Centripetal Accel. Vector

Activity 4: The Physics Behind Light-Emitting Diodes

Planck Lab
Plancks Student Worksheets

Activity 5: Constant Composition

Composition Lab
Data Sheet 1
Data Sheet 2


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