Past Projects

The Boys and Girls Club of Worcester (2010): The mission of the Boys and Girls Club is to help youth, especially those with the most need, develop the qualities necessary to become responsible citizens and community leaders. The organization operates several “clubhouses” throughout the city that offer programs and services and a positive place for young people to congregate. At the Main South clubhouse there is a popular recording studio for youth with interests in music. The operations manager asked the Camp Reach team to develop a plan for converting an adjacent closet into a sound booth. The project team made recommendations to the Boys and Girls Club and the Club is currently looking to secure funding to move forward with the project.

Broad Meadow Brook (BMB) (2010): BMB is one of the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s wildlife sanctuaries, encompassing over 400 acres of woods, fields, streams, and marshes in the city of Worcester.  As part of the organization’s commitment to conservation and environmental stewardship, staff attempt to develop buildings in ways that are “green” or sustainable.The Visitor Center is bursting at the seams in terms of space for education programs, and the staff are considering the possibility of retrofitting the adjacent “Bachand House” to be a green building dedicated to education programs (instead of selling the house). The Camp Reach team was asked to investigate and recommend specific ways in which the building could be retrofitted to be “green”, such as floor materials, materials for a new porch/entry area, insulation, windows, capturing solar energy for electricity and/or hot water, etc. This will be a longer-term project that will assist BMB in making important decisions about a green education building in the years to come.

Friendly House of Worcester (2010): Friendly House coordinates many initiatives for the educational, social and family betterment of residents of the City of Worcester, including the provision of transitional and emergency shelters for homeless or abused people. One of its shelters is a large home at 87 Elm Street. The wheelchair ramp, which provides an all-persons accessible entrance to the home, is currently in a state of disrepair and must be improved. The Friendly House staff asked the Camp Reach team to develop a plan for replacing the ramp railings and having a non-skid surface, in compliance with ADA regulations.Using the plan made by the Camp Reach team, Friendly House received a grant to fund the project. The new posts and railings were installed in November,and the non-skid surface will be applied in the late spring.

Jewish Community Center of Worcester (JCC) (2010): The JCC is a community center open to people of all races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds.  Professional staff and volunteers work together to offer a variety of recreational and educational programs for children of all ages, families, and adults. The JCC decided to develop a room and adjacent outdoor space to be a family center for parents and their toddlers—a place to hang out while older children are occupied elsewhere in the Center. The Camp Reach team was asked to focus just on the outdoor space. The JCC staff asked for recommendations and a plan for how to convert the fenced outdoor area to a high quality, engaging, safe play space for toddlers (<4 years) supervised by parents.The team interviewed parents and observed toddlers at play. Based on this information and other research, they decided on design elements including appropriate landscaping, a sandbox, benches for parents and chairs for toddlers, a variety of specific toys, storage capacity, a multipurpose table, a climbing structure, and seasonal change. Implementation will take place in the spring!

Other project topics have included:

  • Making a recommendation for the "green" renovation of  a building at Broad Meadow Brook Sanctuary (2010)
  • Creating a new play space at the Jewish Community Center (2010)
  • Designing a sound booth for the Worcester Boys and Girls Club (2010)
  • Redesign of a wheelchair ramp at the Friendly House (2010)
  • Planning and renovation of a computer lab at Girls Inc. (2009)
  • Redesign of storage area at Aids Project Worcester (2009)
  • Design of a structure to provide shade for workers at Regional Environmental Council YouthGrow site (2009)
  • Creating a quiet space for toddlers at First Friends Daycare (2008)
  • Reorganize and renovate the laundry room at Hope Lodge (2008)
  • Redesign an outdoor landscaped area on the property of Worcester Youth Center (2008)
  • Redesign and terracing of a play area at Rainbow Child Development Center (2007)
  • Determine best location for a storage shed at Rainbow Child Development Center (2007)
  • Recommend location for signs on the property at Broad Meadow Brook Sanctuary (2007)
  • Improving accessibility of trail and stream crossing at Broad Meadow Brook Sanctuary (2006)
  • Developing a plan for landscape beautification at Friendly House in Worcester (2006)
  • Planning a playground area for Sherry's House/Why Me (2006)
  • Redesigning additional storage areas at Hope Lodge (2005)
  • Recommending components of a computer workstation that would be accessible to the nursing-home eligible clients of Fallon Clinic's Elder Service Plan (2005)
  • Designing a linens display and storage area for the Donations Clearinghouse operated by the Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance (2005)
  • Reorganization of the Hope Lodge Storage room (2004)
  • Development of bilingual window display text and visuals that highlighted REC programs, connected with nature and the environment (2004)
  • Redesign of a playground at the YWCA of Worcester (2004)
  • Remodeling a multi-purpose room at the Henry Lee Willis Family Care Program to serve as a computer lab and tutoring area for its foster care clients (2003)
  • Recommending audio/visual equipment for training classrooms in the American Red Cross of Central Massachusetts's brand-new office building (2003)
  • Planning of a field day to promote awareness and raise funds for the Flagg St. Community Playground Initiative (2003)
  • Design of a transportation safety flyer for Flagg St. School (2002)
  • Maintenance of a pond/swimming area at Girls Inc. Camp Kinneywood (2002)
  • Modifications of the website for the Boston Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (2002)
  • Storage improvements at the Children's Garden Daycare Center, located at the Visiting Nurses Association of Worcester (2001)
  • Conceptual website development for the Central Massachusetts Regional Employment Board (2001)
  • Redesign of office space at AIDS Project Worcester to accommodate a new pharmacy (2001)
  • The space for the new lending library at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of UMass/Memorial Health Care (1997)
  • Toy cabinets for the University of Massachusetts Medical Center Pediatrics Clinic (1997)
  • Conceptual design of a toddler-safe playground for the Edward Street Day Care Center (1999)
  • Storage of exercise equipment and toys at the YWCA (1998)
  • A system to grow trees for replanting for the Princeton Municipal Light Department (1999)
  • Reducing sound levels between support group meeting rooms for AIDS Project Worcester (1998)
  • Organization of arts and crafts supplies at Edward Street Day Care Center (1997)
  • Design of a small sales office at the Massachusetts Association for the Blind (1998)


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