“My first experience at Camp Reach was so positive that I encouraged two of my peers to join me the second time. This chance to reach out to girls who have tapped into a love of math and science was an exciting and unexpected opportunity.”

John Bastien, '87
Mathematics teacher
Auburn Middle School
Auburn, Massachusetts

Applications due March 15, 2013

Each year, three Massachusetts middle school teachers work with the campers from 8:30am to 5pm.  Teachers may choose to participate in evening or weekend activities.  Training is provided to familiarize you with the engineering design process as we teach it to young girls.  If you are chosen as a Camp Reach teacher you will also plan and deliver curriculum for two half-day STEM Saturdays workshops during the academic year.  Workshop dates have not yet been determined.

During the Camp Reach program, teachers (and two high school students) are assigned to assist one team of ten campers as it works to complete its community-oriented design project. You will help the girls meet specific goals and facilitate the sharing of ideas. The projects themselves are not particularly technical, and you don’t need extensive computer or technological knowledge. What you will bring to the team is an all-important adult perspective and the experience of knowing how to work with girls this age.

Camp Reach teachers also participate in the day's discovery workshop activities, simply to observe or in active facilitation and co-teaching.  As necessary, materials will be reviewed and explained during staff training.  Workshop leaders will also be available and participating during the workshop itself.

During the STEM Saturdays workshops, teachers will deliver and develop a curriculum related to a real world science, math, or engineering problem.  Supplies will be provided by WPI.

A stipend of $3000 is provided to teachers.  $2000 will be paid upon completion of the Camp Reach portion of the program and the remaining $1000 will be paid upon completion of the STEM Saturday workshops.  Lunch each day is also provided, and a minimum of 90 Professional Development Points (PDPs) will be awarded.

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Use these forms and information to apply: