Licensure and Degrees

Undergraduate and graduate programs help new and seasoned educators inspire and engage their students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. Unique, content-based master's programs prepare teachers, administrators, and other professionals to lead and change lives. Content courses are rich and useful, so all educators can walk away masters of their subject. Not only do these programs offer the most up-to-date information possible, but participants will track groundbreaking research under way at WPI, led by renowned faculty experts.

Massachusetts Licensing

After completing the undergraduate Teacher Preparation program at WPI, students can obtain their Massachusetts Initial Teaching License, allowing them to teach in their certified area. Under current Massachusetts teacher licensure laws (603 CMR 7.00), teachers are required to obtain a professional license five years after receiving their initial license. Among options, a master's degree is the most popular choice for those with an already-full schedule. In addition to becoming eligible for a professional license, by receiving their master's teachers will be eligible for higher levels of pay within their district's scale.  


Teacher Preparation Program

All majors in technical subject areas are invited to join this program, which is the reason teachers with WPI credentials are better prepared for their careers. Students will gain:

  • Preparation and skills needed to teach sciences or mathematics, in middle or high school
  • A Massachusetts-authorized Initial Teaching License
  • Skills and experience acquired outside the classroom

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Master of Mathematics for Educators (MME)

Intended for middle school, secondary school, and community college in-service mathematics educators, the MME is suited to those seeking a content-centric degree as they continue to work in teaching. Participants study math foundations, modern applications, and emerging technology, as well as completing a culminating project of their own design. Learn more...

Master of Science in Mathematics for Educators (MMED)

This program - for middle school, high school, and community college educators - focuses on mathematics coursework. In addition, study of assessment and evaluation theory helps educators gain efficiency in gauging learning. The degree is completed with a project conceived by the participant. Learn more... 

Master of Science in Physics for Educators (MPED)

The MPED, a degree program for middle school, high school, and community college educators, emphasizes physics content coursework, combined with courses in assessment and evaluation theory. A self-designed project completes the program. Learn more... 

Learning Sciences & Technologies Program 

WPI's Learning Sciences and Technologies (LST) program offers MS and PhD degrees to highly motivated graduate students interested in contributing to a challenge of national importance: understanding and improving the education process, namely learning and assessment. Learn more...

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Download the WPI Teacher Preparation Program brochure.