Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions specific to Massachusetts schools. For more general queries, visit the FAQ page for Project Lead The Way (PLTW).

How well does PLTW align to the MA Curriculum Frameworks?

Finding a curriculum that aligns well to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks can be challenging. We are in the process of determining that alignment for the PLTW program so you don't have to. We've found a strong correlation between PLTW courses and the Frameworks for Technology/Engineering. Feel free to contact Terry Adams for available documentation. PLTW course tie-ins to Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts are also significant - see the PLTW Alignment to National Standards webpage.

Is PLTW considered a vocational program?

Although some schools in Massachusetts have chosen to run PLTW as a Chapter 74 program, PLTW courses are considered part of the general education courses in the comprehensive high school program. PLTW courses reflect national standards in math, science, and technology. Students are learning a career field and are preparing for a 2- or 4-year college program by enrolling in the PLTW program.

How can WPI help my district/school decide if PLTW is right for us?

As your Affiliate University, we at WPI are here to help you learn about the program and answer questions you may have. We can also help connect you with PLTW schools in Massachusetts to help you make a decision on PLTW's appropriateness for your district or school.

What can WPI do to help my school create an implementation plan?

As your Affiliate University, we can help you think about how you might implement the PLTW program in your school through:

  • Site visitation to assess laboratory and equipment needs
  • Discussing/providing information on how current Massachusetts PLTW schools have chosen to implement the program


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