Master's in STEM for Educators Program

The STEM for Educators program offers master’s degrees designed to give educators in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree in their content area while teaching in middle school, high school, or community college.  Courses are scheduled for the late afternoon and evening, to fit the needs of busy professionals—while broadening knowledge and skills to bring dramatic change to their daytime classrooms.

Degrees of Success in Teaching STEM Subjects

In this program, educators further their technical knowledge with content-rich course work, while completing one of two currently offered degrees:

These degrees are structured with:

  • Content-rich course work in mathematics or physics
  • Core assessment and evaluation theory, including a selection of courses in:
    • Learning theory, environments and cognition
    • Qualitative and quantitative analysis and assessment
    • Current education and education research issues
  • A culminating project

Also available to professionals in education is the Mathematics department's Master of Mathematics for Educators (MME), which involves content-rich mathematical course work, as well as a culminating project.

A Good Step to Upgrade Licensing

Teachers in Massachusetts are currently required to obtain a Professional License five years after receiving their initial license. These master's degrees, among other options, constitute a good choice for full-time educators to become eligible for this license, as well as a possible increase in pay according to the rules of their district.


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