Students & Parents

Project Lead The Way is an intensive high school and middle school STEM curriculum that challenges students to extend their knowledge and skills in learning to solve problems in today's world.

Project Lead The Way offers high school students a unique opportunity...students who have passed minimum requirements and are part of a certified PLTW high school can obtain college credit for their PLTW courses!

Students who have completed PLTW courses in a PLTW-certified high school, have a "B" average in PLTW courses, have received a 70% or higher on the PLTW college credit exams, and are registered at WPI are eligible for WPI credit. WPI course equivalents have been identified for IED, POE, DE, CEA, and CIM, with course equivalents for AE and BE under discussion. WPI will also honor transfer credit from other Affiliate Universities as appropriate (decided in a manner consistent with existing administrative and faculty review procedures).

PLTW has recently implemented 1 through 9 norm-referenced, stanine scoring on their end-of-course assessments, so the 70% or higher policy above will be changing soon.

If you have questions about WPI's policy for PLTW credit, please contact Terry Adams, 508-831-5198. WPI students interested in obtaining credit for having excelled in PLTW courses should also email Terry (