About the Program

Students completing the Teacher Preparation program will have met all of the WPI graduation requirements for their major. The requirements to become a licensed teacher are typically met through the general requirements of social science courses, free electives, and the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP).


  • Appropriate major and/or coursework for the desired teaching license 
  • Social Science courses
    • Psychology of Education
    • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • English Language Learners course
  • Teaching Methods course
  • Teaching Practicum (as an Interactive Qualifying Project—IQP)

Teaching Practicum

The Teaching Practicum is done in conjunction with a public high school or middle school, and a licensed teacher who also functions as a mentor. The experience has two main components: observation (75 hours minimum) and teaching (150 hours minimum totaling 300 hours with observation hours).

The purpose of the Teaching Practicum is much more than gaining experience and accumulating time in classroom leadership activities. It is to have you demonstrate competence with the Professional Standards for Teachers of Massachusetts. The document resulting from this experience, which will satisfy the IQP requirements, not only records your experience, but makes the case that you have indeed complied with the Professional Standards.


In order to be licensed, you must also take and pass the MTEL exam, which consists of two parts: communication and subject matter knowledge. Registration for the exams is done through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website. WPI has had a MA DESE-authorized licensure program since 2004.

Interested in teaching in another state? Massachusetts has a reciprocity agreement with other states. Check out the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website to learn more about this.

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