Kim Chinkidjakarn

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

When did you discover your interest in teaching?
My desire to teach stems from the positive experiences that I have had with teachers from elementary school all the way through college; I have seen how a good teacher can have such an impact. I hope to someday have a positive impact on the students that I teach.

How has WPI prepared you for teaching?
Coming from WPI helped me to show the kids that there are applications for the math they are learning in the real world, especially in the fields of science and technology. When I was in 8th grade and beginning to learn algebra, I had no idea about how the concepts I was learning applied to real world applications. Being able to bring that experience into the classroom, and to know at this point how all of the math and science I learned works together, is something unique.

Why WPI?
The program gave me the opportunity to student teach. That was a really good way to see if I enjoyed being in the classroom and interacting with the kids – and I did! It also gave me a look at everything that goes into teaching, from lesson plans, to creating tests, to student discipline. My experience, without a doubt, solidified my desire to become a teacher.

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