Matthew Zubiel

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

When did you discover your interest in teaching?
As a senior in high school, I took a course in which I was allowed to leave school early every day and assist at an elementary school. Originally I had doubts, but I began spending time in a 5th grade class and everything changed. The 5th grade teacher allowed me to teach lessons, tutor kids that needed help, and made me feel like a part of their class. As soon as my senior year finished, I immediately felt like I had an attachment to teaching, and inquired about the Teacher Prep Program at WPI.

How has WPI prepared you for teaching?
I believe that by teaching, I am more able to communicate ideas effectively. Teaching taught me the importance of interacting with professors and showing more interest in classes that I am taking now.

Why WPI?
The Teacher Prep Program at WPI is unlike teacher prep programs anywhere else. It allows students to pursue a technical degree, while at the same time, allowing them to receive their teacher certification at the end of the program. If nothing else, it is a great resume builder—but it can also change your life.

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