Appendix 1 (Budget)

The Budget Summary Request form on the last page should be copied and used to submit a budget request. Please note the following:

Under item 6, on a separate sheet break down your costs carefully by itemizing all anticipated expenses. Information supplied on actual costs (such as copies of list prices, estimates, and the like) is crucial in determining accuracy of anticipated expenses. The more information you can supply on such expenses as travel, labor, supplies and material, and so on, the better your proposed budget will be.

Travel expenses will be paid per term using the standard WPI travel expense form, signed by you and your advisor (who thus validates the accuracy of your travel costs.)

Current WPI policy states that students are expected to contribute $50 per person per 1/3 unit of IQP work toward any out of pocket expenses encountered. This means that each student is expected to pay $150.00 towards the completion of the IQP before asking for reimbursement of any kind. If you have a project team of 4 students, then the total contribution before being reimbursed is $600. If you anticipate that your expenses will exceed this expectation, then you must submit a budget for your project. Your project advisor must approve this budget prior to submission of any expenses to the IGSD. (Commuting costs are not reimbursable.)

All telephone calls should be placed through the Projects Phone in the Project Center, Costs for calls to destinations within the continental U.S. thus should not appear on your budget, since the support is already available automatically. If you anticipate the need to make international calls, please document this request very carefully.

You are responsible for all costs normally associated with producing the final report which goes on file at the library, as well as for any copies you make for yourself. Do not apply for reimbursement of standard typing, laser printing, or xeroxing costs of your report. Others who want copies should pay for their copies.

Requests for support ALWAYS look better if you indicate that you have investigated all possible avenues, and have identified funding sources (off-campus agencies, research grants) in addition to what you are asking from the IGSD Office or your department.

Under Item 10, briefly describe your objectives and procedures (to enable the committee to weight your request relative to others.)

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