Project Topic Codes and Faculty Consultants

These codes are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog and on the backs of project registration forms.

MQP Majors and Coordinators

  Majors Coordinators
BIO Biology and Biotechnology J. Rulfs
BBC Biology and Biotechnology with Concentration J. Rulfs
BC Biochemistry K. Wobbe 
BME Biomedical Engineering Y. Mendelson  
CA Computers with Applications D. Finkel
CE Civil Engineering T. El-Korchi
CH Chemistry K. Wobbe
CHE Chemical Engineering W. Clark
CS Computer Science D. Finkel
ECS Economics/Science O. Pavlov
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering S. Bitar 
EP Environmental Policy and Development J. Doyle
EV Environmental Engineering J. Plummer
HU Humanities D. Spanegel
ID Interdisciplinary R.Vaz
IE Industrial Engineering A. Zeng
IS International Studies P. Hansen
MA Mathematical Sciences S. Weekes
MAC Actuarial Mathematics J. Abraham
ME Mechanical Engineering B. Savilonis
MFE Manufacturing Engineering K. Rong
MG Management M. Banks
MGE Management Engineering M. Banks
MIS Management Information Systems M. Banks
PH Physics T. Keil
PHE Engineering Physics T. Keil
SD System Dynamics K. Saeed
ST Society, Technology & Policy J. Wilkes
TC Professional Writing  C. Demetry
PSS Psychological Science J. Doyle

Humanities and Arts Advisors

Topics Project Advisor
Topics in American Studies

W. Baller,
K. Boudreau,
S. Bullock,
J. Cocola,
J. Dempsey,
J. Hanlan,
K. Ljungquist,
W. Mott,
L. Schachterle

Topics in Art

J. Farbrook,
J. Rosenstock,
M. D. Samson

Topics in Drama/Theatre

J. Sands,
S. Vick,
J. Zinn

Topics in Foreign Language (German)

D. Dollenmayer

Topics in Foreign Language (Other)

A. Rivera

Topics in Foreign Language (Spanish)

A. Rivera

Topics in Global Studies

W. Addison,
P. Hansen,
J. Rudolph

Topics in History (American)

W. Baller,
S. Bullock,
D. Gray,
J. Hanlan,
D. Rawson,
T. Robertson

Topics in History (European)

W. Addison,
W. Baller,
P. Hansen 

Topics in History (Science and Technology)

C. Clark,
D. Spanagel

Topics in International Studies - Humanities (Interrelated)

B. Addison,
P. Hansen 

Topics in Literature (American)

K. Boudreau,
J. Cocola,
J. Dempsey,
K. Ljungquist,
W. Mott,
S. Nikitina,
L. Schachterle

Topics in Literature (Contemporary)

J. Cocola,
J. Dempsey,
S. Nikitina  

Topics in Literature (English)

J. Brattin,
M. Ephraim

Topics in Music

F. Bianchi,
J. Delorey,
R. Falco,
E. Shim,
D. Weeks

Topics in Philosophy

R. Gottlieb,
J. Sanbonmatsu  

Topics in Religion

B. Eddy,
R. Smith

Topics in Writing, Rhetoric, and Communications

J. deWinter,
L. Higgins,
S. Nikitina

International Students

J. Forgeng  


D. O'Donnell,
J. Rosenstock

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