How to Propose Your Own Project

Any project idea proposed by a student to a WPI faculty member that they accept to advise is considered approved as meeting the degree requirement for an IQP or MQP, if completed succesfully as demonstrated by the filing of a Completion of Degree Requirement form.

For an IQP, the student should identify an issue / problem / topic that meets the definition of an IQP as described in the WPI undergraduate catalog.

For an MQP, the student should identify a problem / topic that would challenge their competency in their major area of study.

For either an IQP or MQP, the following steps are virtually the same.

  1. Write a paragraph describing the issue / problem / topic and a goal or result that would be achieved upon completion of the project.
  2. Prepare copies.
  3. Identify a short list of faculty to approach as potential advisors.
  4. Visit each in order of preference. Offer a copy of your idea, and solicit their interest in being your advisor.
  5. Repeat as often as needed until a faculty member agrees to be your advisor.
  6. Register your project with the Projects & Registrar's Office.

If you have difficulty securing an advisor, meet with Chuck Kornik, Administrator of Academic Programs, Boynton Hall, to get a recommendation for pursuing other faculty as advisors.

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