Undergraduate Research

The hallmark projects program at WPI gives undergraduate students opportunities to work on research projects on-campus, locally, or with collaborators in one of the university’s multiple project centers. In addition to the collaborations in the classroom and the real-world experiences integral to project-based learning, WPI offers other research experiences for undergraduates and advises on research experiences at other universities.

Faculty Research Labs

Many faculty are eager to have qualified undergraduates work in their laboratories. In addition to volunteer opportunities and work for academic credit, there may be paid positions via work-study funds or from the professor’s research budget.  Part-time work during the academic year may lead to full-time paid work during the summer. These experiences are excellent ways to learn more about your chosen field, gain professional experience, or prepare you for graduate school.

Summer Research Experiences at WPI

WPI supports individual student researchers in faculty labs via a competitive application process through the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) program. The SURF program offers research opportunities in a variety of different topics and is a great way for students pursuing graduate studies to spend their summer. Applications are due March 10, 2014. More information may be obtained from the Undergraduate Studies Office at +1-508-831-5404.

Summer Research Experiences Everywhere Else

Check out the National Science Foundation (NSF) website for Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs at many universities.  REUs offer students a chance to complete complex projects so you gain valuable research and lab experience during the summer. Most of these programs provide a financial stipend, as well as free housing and a certain allocation for food and travel expenses.

Summer Internships and Summer Jobs

Check out the Career Development Center for summer job or internship opportunities.

Scholarships and Fellowships

A wide range of fellowships, scholarships and grants are available for research, graduate school, internships, international study, or completion of your undergraduate education. They may be undertaken in the United States or abroad, and they may be for a summer, an academic year, or longer. Some are quite prestigious, well-known, and highly competitive, such as the Rhodes Scholarships.

WPI has a very good record of success in Fellowship and Scholarship programs. A list of many of these programs together with application information is available on the Fellowship web page.